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Founded in 2011 by piano teacher Wendy Wu, IMPACT is a 501(c) non-profit organization that works to bolster acoustic music in the community.

OUR MISSION is to develop creative programs by integrating a unique blend of world cultures into our musical performances. We also hope to offer opportunities for aspiring artists and young musicians to perform at prestigious venues around the world. IMPACT provides a cultural and educational exchange experience through touring concerts partnered with local organizations that share our goals and interests.

The goal of the organization is threefold:

• CULTURAL EXCHANGE: Bridging the gap between different cultures by using music as a common language to express our similarities and display our diversity as we perform and tour and tour in different countries

• PERFORMANCE: Offering opportunities for aspiring artists and young musicians to perform at prestigious venues around the world. This allows the performers to display the artistic richness of the various nationalities they represent.

• EDUCATION: Providing participants with musical enrichment through the preparation of their concert repertoire. They will learn about the different countries they visit while on tour, and expose the people they meet about the cultures the troupe represents through their performance.

Click here to learn about our past events.

You can also watch our previous performances on Youtube at:

Wendy Wu is a piano teacher that has been teaching for thirty years. In her piano studio in New Jersey, Wendy has fostered many talented pianists.

Wendy Wu began her piano training in Taiwan. She graduated as one of the top students from Shih-Chen University and was selected to play at numerous graduation performances in various cities throughout Taiwan. Shortly after graduation, she was certified by Yamaha Company as a piano teacher and was soon promoted to Dean’s Assistant. During her time with the company, Ms. Wu was also a columnist for Yamaha, publishing many music related articles in the company monthly magazine, the Chinese World Journal Newspaper, and CoastSide Magazine.

In 1980, Ms. Wu came to the United States to pursue her Piano Performance degree at Truman University (known at the time as Northeast Missouri University). Following, she then went to New York Institute of Technology and earned the master degree of computer science. After graduated, Ms. Wu has been hired as a supervisor, senior consultant, project leader and vice president for many major tri-state companies, such as AT&T, Bell Lab, Pershing/DLJ, Murray Lynch and Telcordia.   Ms. Wu also actively involved Chinese Schools in New Jersey, a passion that would continue for more than 10 years. From 1999 to 2005, Ms. Wu was appointed as an art director for Murray Hill Chinese School, where she organized a percussion group formed from students and parents. This group went on to perform for many local communities and company holiday events, including the AT&T festival celebrating Asian culture. She also choreographed dragon dances and lion dances that were then performed at Newark Museum and Liberty Park for Chinese New year.  For these and other accomplishments, Ms. Wu has been awarded the Teacher of the Year Award by several Central Jersey Chinese schools and the Appreciation Award from Bridgewater Township.

In the summer of 2007, Ms. Wu was appointed to the board committee for the 11th Positano – International Chamber Music Course and Festival in Shanghai and as a representing teacher of the Northeastern American Arts Troupe for the International Shanghai Arts Festival. As part of the troupe, many of her own students performed at the Shanghai Grand Theater along with other international students.

Ms. Wu has been a chair of the New Jersey Music Teachers Association’s Young Musician piano competitions for three years and is currently the chairperson of the Young Artists Competition of the Bravura Philharmonic Orchestra. She is also actively involved in many music organizations, and has spearheaded numerous piano festivals including the Golden Key International festival. Her piano students have also performed well in various musical arenas, winning prizes in state competitions and performing at acclaimed venues such as Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, and Merkin Hall. Under IMPACT, Wendy has also earned an award at the Mei Li China Festival for her outstanding leadership.


Chairman/CEO : Wendy Wu

In United States

Young Artists Competition Director: Christina Xie
Europe Student Tours Director: Trio Jeng
Students Volunteer Activities Director: Helen Luo
Marketing Director: Kelly Law
Fundraising Director: Joanne Liu
Member at Large: Shan Du, Jing Li, Jenny chien, Yu-Lian Chen


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