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Theme - Discovering Asian Composers


To promote more variety of music repertoire written by less-explored international composers, and to enrich students’ musical experience by playing their compositions. This year’s theme is set to “Discovering Asian Composers”.

Who can enter

The audition is open to all students of different ages up to high school seniors.


How to Register

  1. Students register on the IMPACT website before 8/19/2022.

  2. After completing the registration, students may choose ONE piece from the listed repertoires (See the repertoires below), or prepare a piece of their choice written by any Asian composer, and submit their unedited YouTube videos to the given link provided in their email before the due date – 8/31/2022.

  3. The students will receive the audition results thru email by 9/11/2022, and the winner's concert will be at the Steinway & Sons gallery at Paramus.

Registration Fee (Non-refundable)

Solo -  $50 per person, Duet - $30 per person.


  • Application Due: Friday, 8/19/2022.

  • Video Submission Due: Wednesday 8/31/2022.

         (*The memory of performing music is not required for the video submission.)

  • Winner’s Live Concert: 11:30 A.M, Saturday, 9/24/2022, Steinway Piano Gallery, 455 NJ-17, Paramus, NJ.



  • All performers will receive a certificate from Steinway Piano Gallery. All performers are encouraged to play music by memory


After registering, email us for any piece you want to perform, and we will provide the pdf file. Each student can only receive a maximum of TWO pieces for reference.  

  1. Jasmine Flower (Duet Arranged). 

  2. The Darkening Sky by Shui-Long Ma.

  3. A Green Cater Pillar and a Butterfly by Yoshinao Nakada.

  4. Aoi by Naoko Ikeda.

  5. Soft Rain by Naoko Ikeda.

  6. The Gear Wheels of A Watch by Yoshinao Nakada.

  7. The Speedy Car by Yoshinao Nakada.

  8. Dance of Aborogines by Yoshinao Nakada.

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