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IMPACT Duo Coaching Master Class and Concert

Perfecting Your Performance with Two Masters

Experience the extraordinary with IMPACT’s exclusive duo coaching session! Elevate your musical journey by having not just one, but two Maestra’s guide you through a personalized master class. Whether you’re preparing for auditions, concerts or simply aiming to enhance your skills, our internationally acclaimed pianists, Beatrice Long and Di-Yi Tang, bring their expertise to refine your performance and enrich your musical prowess. Following the master class, don’t miss out on a captivating concert featuring performances by Beatrice Long (Bio) and Di-Yi Tang (Bio), showcasing their exceptional talent and artistry.


Event Detail:

  • Time & Date:  7:00 pm , Friday, 5/31/2024

  • Location: Watchung Arts Center, 18 Stirling Rd. Watchung, NJ 07069 


Registration Process:

  1. Visit our website and carefully follow the instruction provided on this page.

  2. Optionally, introduce yourself by submitting a bio of no more than 500 words.

  3. Submit one video showcasing one musical piece or movement within maximum length of 10 minutes. You can provide a raw, unedited video or share a YouTube link .

  4. Email your submission to by the deadline, 5/1/2024 , for evaluation. While there is no restriction on music genres, participants are encouraged to perform from memory.

  5. Complete the registration process by paying a nonrefundable fee $60 through registration form.


Announcement and Confirmation:

  • The Final list of winners will be publicly announced on our website on 5/5/2024.

  • Selected winners required to submit a fee of $150 by 5/10/2024 through the provided email link to secure their participation in the masterclass.

  • Failure to submit the final fee by the specific date will result in the forfeiture the masterclass opportunity. In such case, the next alternate winner will be substituted.


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